The high frequency welding and blanking machine is composed of a unit for welding and blanking on PVC, PU, polyester materialsand coupled leather. It can work with screen-printed sheets, thanks to its high precision on positioning of the rotating table.

Photoengraved magnesium, aluminium, brass and steel electrodes and/or moulds are used for the high frequency welding, tempered and ground hand punches are used for the blanking.

Each station of the rotating table is equipped with a tempered and ground steel plate that allows all working processing without interposing any other kind of material between the cliché or hand punch and the working-plane.

The machine is equipped with a touch screen to program the working cycle, automatic adjustment of the welding force, lighted cross lasers to place sheets, a high sensibility anti-discharge circuit and a mould holder designed for the connection to the cooling circuit.

Technical features

Max welding force Kg 25000 50000
Max blanking force Kg 30000 60000
Max power efficiency at the electrodes kW 10 30
Number of stations on the rotating table n. 2 o 4 2 o 4
Electrodes-holder plate dimensions mm 470 x 400 700 x 480
(780 x 480)

The above-mentioned aesthetic and technical specifications are not binding. Our company reserves itself the right to introduce, without any notice, any changes to improve the working and the output of the machine.

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